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Bethlehem is the result of work done since its inception in 1990, the families Almela-Pascual and Pascual-Domenech, with the help of a few friends under the baton of Melchor Almela (member of the Association of Valencia and Nativity Scene master Belenista). Throughout each year there are new figures, landscape elements and enriched the crib with new details. Today the Bethlehem occupies an area of ​​over 50 square meters with about 6000 pieces including figures and animals. The figures that make up our nativity, are modeled from clay.

From the mass of mud and using different sized pallets are defining profiles of Fig. The details are made ​​by joining small pieces of soft mud molded mud independently to create the complete picture.

Figure just finished is very fragile, so special treatment should be taken to make the cooking process in a professional pottery.

After cooking, we will have achieved that figure has great strength, just a big bump or fall could break it down. At this time only subtract using acrylic paints to color

The duration of the whole process depends on the expressiveness we want to give the figure, as this will require greater dedication. From these figures one can design molds made ​​of plaster that allow the reproduction of shapes with ease.

Apart from the figures also do palm trees, buildings, rivers, tanks, cages, sources, movement and much more. Each family member brings his creative part in the realization of the crib. We also have artistic contribution of a group of friends.

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