Bethlehem’s History

The Bethlehem of Roca was born in 1990, Melchor Almela Lagarda, Belenista-Master, a member of the Association of Valencia Belenista-along with his entire family, a group of friends and with the indispensable collaboration of his father Francisco Pascual Albiach, we made every year a nativity monumental.

In 1989 we decided to participate in the contest organized by the Peña the Forca and the City of Meliana and received third prize. This motivated us for the next year to begin work on a new crib a little bigger and a little better.

We got in touch with the association of Valencia and discovered belenistas new techniques for a crib.
The next year we made our first big crib, which was about 20m2 and 200 figures, we turned to enter the competition and this time won the first prize.

This award motivated us to continue learning and growing in the world of belenismo and attended a painting course and Lladro Porcelain modeling where we worked. We also attended courses organized by the Association of Valencia belenistas on paintings, perspectives, dioramas, chronological order of the crib, etc..
To our surprise, people started coming to see the crib. And then came a school, and then other people and had more lines to get to see him, so we put a schedule.

Each year the Nativity scene was growing both in surface and number of figures. We create new characters, buildings, movement and detail.
Francisco Pasqual proposed creating a popular scene in the context of the crib and thus bringing the topic entitled l’Valenciano Nadal pot consisting of a family recreation Valencia last century in their habitat, with a shed, a Ferris wheel part of the orchard.

Every year when summer came we began to work all the family and friends of those in the Christmas nativity. So for 15 years, the crib was mounted and dismounted on bass in which the restaurant is currently Xoret ca.
Since 2005 we set up the crib in its current location, on the ground floor opposite the restaurant Ca Xoret
The new location allowed the crib remain permanently mounted throughout the year. Thus, a part of the “must see” at Christmas, you can make prior appointment (phone contact) for the remainder of the year.

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